1.      Question: What is a smart toilet seat? 

Answer: A device that washes the front and the rear after using the bathroom without using your hands.   

2.     Question: How does it work? 

Answer: It has 2 nozzles controlled by a knob or button, 1 for the front and the other for the rear. It is activated by water pressure. It functions like a power wash to wash the bodily fluids and substances off the body.    

3.      Question: Is using the smart toilet more effective than using your hands? 

Answer: Yes.   

4.      Question: Who can use the smart toilet seat?

 Answer: Both male and female.  

 5.      Question: Do I have to change my existing toilet?

 Answer: We have 3 options. You can add an attachment to your existing seat. Or you can change your seat only to a smart seat. Or you can change your entire toilet to a smart toilet.  

 6.    Question: Does the device work on all toilets? 

Answer: 95% of toilets. No square toilets.  

 7.      Question: How much water will it use?

 Answer: It does not waste water.  

 8.      Question: Where is the water to wash you coming from? 

Answer: It has its own supply line. It does not use water from the tank.   

9.     Question: What are the benefits of using a smart toilet seat? 

Answer: More hygienic. Makes you feel cleaner and more refreshed after using the bathroom.   

10.  Question: Is the smart toilet seat safe to use?

 Answer: Yes. The nozzles wash themselves before and after each use.   

11.  Question: Will the water from the unit wash substances from the rear to the front? 

Answer: No.   

12.  Question: Will the water from the smart toilet seat penetrate my private parts? 

Answer: No  

13.  Question: Is the smart toilet seat expensive? 

Answer: It is very affordable.  We also have lay away plans.   

14.  Question: Is there a warranty? 

Answer: 1 year manufacturer warranty.   

15.  Question: How do you maintain the unit? 

Answer: You clean and maintain the unit the same way you would your existing toilet. 

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